How to Work Out the Time to Pay Back What You Invest in Your Cafe



Whether you are buying your first business, adding to your portfolio, renovating or investing new equipment knowing how long it’s going to take to get your money back is crucial.


As with all of our templates and resources we have tried to make this quick and easy to use whilst delivering the results in a clear and visual way.


This template allows you clearly see the impact that small changes in fixed costs, COGS, Wages etc make to the time it will take to get your investment back.


Working through the costs and margins of your business or the opportunity that you are looking at can also identify areas that may need further investigation. For example seeing the difference that a drop in 1-2% in COGS can make may lead you to dig in and compare your current margins with benchmarks, previous results or like for like comparisons.


Going through this recently with a client led to a deeper dive into some menu costings and rostering (especially during the last few hours of the day) the improvements made were significant and the payback period for the investment was reduced by several months.


If you are already a member of the GSE Hub this template can be found in the Start Your Business > Financial this is available to all members.


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