10 Benefits of an Exit Plan – #7 Sell in less time

Another advantage of having a structured exit plan is that you will have all the information you need to present to buyers in early negotiations and more importantly during due diligence. One of the common misconceptions about selling a business is that the time-consuming and challenging part is generating and dealing with buyer inquiries. The […]


How To Transfer Employees on a 482 Visa When You Sell your Business

If you are selling a business that employs workers on 482 visas, the transfer of these employees to the new owner is subject to a number of conditions and requirements.   Here are some of the steps you need to follow to transfer the employees:   Obtain consent from the employees: Before transferring your employees, […]


How to Assign Your Lease When Selling Your Cafe

How to Assign Your Lease When Selling Your Cafe   Retail leases in Australia can be assigned with the landlord’s approval. This process is known as a lease assignment.   A lease assignment is when the tenant transfers their rights under the lease to another party. This can be done for a variety of reasons, […]