Marten Clark

Hospitality Consultant and Sales Consultant

Port Macquarie and The Mid-North Coast

0401 600 808


With an extensive 36-year tenure in the vibrant world of hospitality throughout New South Wales, I’ve dedicated two decades to senior management roles, overseeing operations in diverse settings, including clubs, hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

Pursuing my entrepreneurial vision, I ventured into business ownership fourteen years ago, where I have successfully operated pubs, cafes, restaurants, and takeaways. This hands-on experience has enriched my understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

My passion for hospitality extends beyond business endeavours. I am committed to nurturing talent and sharing knowledge. With a firm belief in the importance of mentorship, I actively pass on my expertise to aspiring professionals, ensuring a legacy of excellence in the industry.

Furthermore, having lived and operated businesses in Port Macquarie for the last 11 years my extensive background equips me to provide invaluable assistance to buyers and sellers in the hospitality market. Drawing from years of experience, I offer guidance and insights that facilitate informed decisions and drive success.

Fuelled by a genuine love for the industry, I am dedicated to continuously evolving, innovating, and contributing to its growth. As I embark on each new endeavour I inspire others to share in their passion and potential.