Marc Gehret

Hospitality Consultant and Sales Consultant


0401 440 944


I have over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, I started as an apprentice chef in 1993 in Switzerland.

My career has taken me across Europe and Australia and allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in many areas of the industry. I have supported the successful launch of many venues, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and high-volume food production services.

I have owned, operated, and sold two of my own hospitality businesses in Sydney and I have coached and trained many staff.

My coffee shop in Crows Nest on the North Shore of Sydney gave me a great insight into operating and managing an Australian business as well as a solid understanding the good and bad from the owner’s perspective.

My second business, The Fit Chef, a meal preparation company that I operated for seven years taught me a lot about how to keep costs under control. As the meals with a business like this are typically sold for considerably less than in a sit-down venue I refined my financial costing and COGs management skills.

My varied experience has shown me that adjusting to each individual business is crucial, I fully appreciate that each client’s needs are different.

Working in the hospitality industry has enabled me to develop my customer service skills, I pride myself on having a positive and professional approach with everything that I do.

My focus has always been on helping people achieve their goals. I am pleased to now have the opportunity to support the industry from a new perspective with GSE. My goal is to help my clients, whether they are selling or buying to make the process as easy as possible.