Kristy Green

Hospitality Consultant and Sales Consultant


0480 507 573


Over the past 20 years, my professional journey has been immersed in the dynamic world of hospitality, with a significant focus on the wholesale coffee industry.

That journey initially began in Sydney, where I cultivated my skills and my passion for the industry was born. In 2015, I relocated to Canberra, becoming deeply immersed in its unique and vibrant cafe and hospitality culture.

The last 13 years, have been dedicated to the wholesale coffee sector, working closely with cafes to elevate their businesses through the art of crafting exceptional coffee. My mission has always been clear: to assist cafe owners in achieving better results and fostering growth by enhancing the quality of their offerings.

What originated as a personal passion for coffee has naturally evolved into a broader passion to support and empower cafe owners. Beyond the pursuit of the perfect brew, my focus extended to assisting them in building more resilient businesses. This journey has afforded me the opportunity to observe and actively contribute to the transformation of the hospitality landscape.

With over two decades of hands-on experience, developing a wealth of knowledge and a steadfast commitment to fostering growth within the hospitality community. Whether through the refinement of coffee craftsmanship or the optimization of business strategies, my ultimate goal is to instigate positive change in the industry

I’m thrilled to now be working with the team at GSE, a business with a vision to enhance services in both consulting and brokerage for the hospitality industry. I’m excited to continue to support the Canberra cafe community.