Joe Antonini

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Business Broker and Hospitality Consultant, Brisbane QLD


0431 262 167


I am a seasoned professional with a strong track record in the hospitality, marketing, and advertising industry. Throughout my career, I have created and owned powerful, profitable, and enduring brands, starting from their inception and overseeing their growth into fully systemized, award-winning hospitality businesses.

My expertise lies in creating successful and highly profitable businesses, taking them from their early stages as start-ups to becoming national and international enterprises. I have a knack for setting up and managing large teams, ensuring they operate seamlessly and efficiently. With skills in marketing management, event management, lead generation, and direct marketing, I consistently deliver outstanding results for my clients.

Throughout my extensive journey, I have established valuable business relationships with some of Australia’s and the world’s largest brands. Over the course of 20 years, I have honed my negotiation skills, leading to highly profitable deals and successful business transactions.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication, I thrive in a competitive industry. My ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities, coupled with my strategic thinking and sound decision-making, positions me as a visionary leader in the hospitality, marketing, and advertising sector.

With my wealth of experience and proven track record, I continue to make significant contributions to business growth and success, both at the national and international level. My passion for innovation, combined with my expertise, makes me a trusted partner and advisor for those striving to achieve exceptional results in the ever-evolving world of business. I’m thrilled to be working closely with GSE clients to offer full brokerage services and assist with business development and exit strategies.