Staff Meetings


When was the last time you held a team meeting?


With all the talk of slower trade in the industry due to the current economic downturn it could be a good time to refresh, retrain and remind your staff of their obligations.


Write notes on areas of your business that you know need improving, it could be they aren’t asking upsell questions at the counter or staff are coming in empty handed after serving meals to a table and not clearing tables, anything that you have seen that keeps occurring.


Once you have a few important items to discuss get the team together either before work or on a afternoon when you close early maybe even put on some $5 pizzas, during this meeting you should address any issues going on and indicate the solution moving forward.


Meeting with business owners I see it too often where staff seem to have the upper hand and owners feel they can’t discuss job tasks or pull up their staff if they see them not following company policies and procedures. In most cases the owner is stressed out from bottling up instead of speaking up.


Be clear about your policies and procedures even write them down and have them hanging somewhere.


Because it is hard to get everyone together to discuss important changes or issues that happen everyday I found getting all my staff onto a group chat on messenger was the best way to keep them updated on what’s going on.


When explaining issues be sure to address them in depth don’t assume because you know they should too. If need be write down a step by step scenario or even make a quirky demonstration video.


Finally everyone is replaceable, if you feel like someone is not the right fit or is constantly on your mind due to not complying with your work ethics, get rid of them immediately (these days taking the correct disciplinary steps of course)


Written by Sam Turkan

GSE Business Consultants Brisbane