How to Use Reserve with Google in Cafes and Restaurants



What is Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google is a feature on Google Search and Google Maps that allows users to book appointments or reservations at businesses such as cafes, restaurants, salons, and other service-based establishments directly through the Google platform.


This means that users can easily find and make reservations at your cafe without having to leave the Google app or website. The feature helps your customers to make reservations quickly and without having to make a phone call or visit in person.


Simply put this amazing tool is built to simplify your reservation process, enhance your online visibility, and create happy, loyal customers.


Let’s dive into the many ways Reserve with Google can play a key role in your cafe’s success and improve the customer journey.


Effortless Bookings: Catering to Busy Diners


In our fast-paced world, ease and convenience are vital. Reserve with Google allows diners to quickly reserve a table right from Google Search or Google Maps. Featuring a large, prominent blue reservation button on your Google My Business page, your customers will have no trouble finding it and securing their reservation. This kind of visibility can lead to a significant boost in bookings, with users reporting about one-third more reservations being made compared to venues with just a booking provider link.


Leveraging Google’s Reach: Essential Information at Your Fingertips


Google is a go-to source of information for many, so having a booking option on their platform is essential. Reserve with Google not only complements your Google My Business Page, which already provides crucial details like events, specials, and availability, but it also goes beyond merely having a booking provider link buried on the page.


Now, imagine Tom and his friends searching for a breakfast venue for the morning and decide to make a reservation, but your cafe is closed. Tom finds your cafe on Google and sees all the necessary information along with the convenient Reserve with Google button. He books a table, and in just 60 seconds, he receives a reservation confirmation—even though your cafe is closed. This streamlined process ensures a seamless booking experience and leaves a positive impression on Tom and his companions.


Efficient Reservation Management with WOWAPPS


Having multiple booking channels can sometimes create issues within a cafe. However, partnering with a reliable reservation provider like WOWAPPS can help streamline the process and keep things running efficiently. These providers have the ability to consolidate bookings from various channels, such as social media, a cafe’s website, and Google, making it easier to manage everything in-store. They offer a variety of features tailored to cater to both customers and staff.


One standout feature is Auto Acceptance, which allows customers to book tables even when a cafe is closed, eliminating the risk of missed reservations. This feature offers the ability to set rules and conditions inside the cafe’s reservation system to ensure no overbooking, double bookings, and even provide solutions to help tackle the issue of no-shows.




Could Reserve with Google elevate your cafe’s success? By embracing this tool and streamlining the reservation process, you’ll garner more bookings, welcome more customers, and enjoy more frequent visits


This blog was inspired by the whitepaper released by WOWAPPS, offering valuable insights on maximising the benefits of Reserve with Google. Interested in learning more? Download the whitepaper or arrange a time for one of the Wowapps experts to walk you through how to set up the system.


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