Google Reviews


There are often posts in our Facebook Group about negative reviews on social media, especially on Google.


I totally understand how these reviews can be taken personally. When you put as much blood sweat and tears into your business as you have to in order to succeed it can cut to the bone.


Whilst most potential customers see the negative reviews for what they are sometimes its hard not to get fired up.


The focus on these reviews got me thinking about how many venues actually flip this and proactively seek positive reviews on Google.


I spend a lot of time in cafes every week (a big perk of the job) and, I could probably count on one hand the amount of times a have been prompted to leave a review.


Have you ever tried this?


Did it work?


Why would you not do it?


Yesterday I had breakfast in the CBD, great breakfast, great coffee and a very positive experience overall.


The waitress made a point of asking me how my breakfast was and explaining that it was the first day of their new menu.


Naturally I was happy to let her know how much I enjoyed everything and, at that point I felt it would have been so easy to ask for a review in a casual and non pushy way.


The reality is that I will leave a review for them later today, this is mainly because of my understanding of the industry and how this helps venues. I also have childish competition with a close friend of mine to see who can get the most views of their Google review pictures.


If you have not looked at the experience as a Google Local Guide Reviewer then it would be worth looking into it to understand it from the users perspective.


Google have gamified this in a way that is engaging and encourages you to share reviews if places that you have visited.


As I looked around the café yesterday morning I wondered how many of the other customers with a gentle reminder would have left a review.


If the waitress had prompted me I would have probably done it there and then, even a simple sign asking for an honest review would have done it.


If you have never tried this then why not give it a go?


Increasing your positive reviews will help balance out the negative ones and it can significantly help with your Local Search SEO.


I am keen to know your thoughts and experience with trying this, if you give it a go then let us know how you get on.