Goal Setting For Café Owners


Where did January go?


With the first month of 2020 behind us here we are in a brand new month.


What goals have you set for February?


Have you got a plan in place to make sure that your business is growing year on year?


Do you have a plan for your social media, advertising and marketing?


As hard as it can be to break away from the day to day operations, spending some time on setting goals, making a plan and most importantly taking action can make a big difference.


This does not have to be a huge process, you can get this done in an hour, don’t overthink it.


The are a number of things that you can track, have a look at the list here and choose a few that are going to help you to get where you need to.


If you are not currently tracking any of these regularly then give it a go, you will most likely be surprised with the results. The saying that “What get measured gets done” is very true.


If you are worried about accountability and if you feel that you won’t do it without being held accountable then you are not alone! This is perfectly normal and I would bet that there are a lot of others in our Facebook Group that feel the same.


Reach out to the group or your network and find somebody else that you can partner with as an accountability buddy. Set a regular time to catch and check in with each other, most importantly make this non negotiable and don’t let each other down.


Let us know in the comments what you track, how, how often and what you have found good or bad by doing this.