South Coast Coffee Roasters

This page is designed to showcase local Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, Victoria to help buyers and cafe owners become more aware of the options available to them.

As a trusted advisor in the Melbourne café scene, I’m frequently approached for recommendations by both prospective café owners and established operators seeking premium beans and superior service. The roasters featured here are either ones I’ve had direct experience with or have been highly praised by my clients for their exceptional quality and local popularity.

Selecting the right coffee supplier is a crucial decision that can profoundly impact your business. While cost is certainly a factor, it’s equally essential to consider factors like long-term partnership viability and the level of support a roaster can offer as your business grows.

Many of these esteemed roasters extend beyond mere bean provision, offering invaluable assistance with equipment, training, and branding in exchange for your commitment. It’s wise to personally visit each contender, meet the team, and gauge compatibility with your business ethos and aspirations.

While pricing is important, prioritising taste and alignment with your business values should take precedence. Remember, your customers’ satisfaction hinges on the quality of your coffee, making the pursuit of superior beans a wise investment.

Explore our selection of Melbourne’s best coffee roasters, and feel free to reach out with any inquiries or feedback. Your journey to coffee excellence starts here.


zest melbourne coffee roasters

Zest Coffee Roasters

With Zest Coffee, begin your café’s transformation from a coffee shop to a specialty coffee destination.

Have you ever had an experience that you want to relive over and over again? An experience that you would love to share with your friends?

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, crafting a memorable coffee experience is essential to turn that once-off customer into a dedicated promotor of your brews, returning day after day for that coffee experience that made their day. At Zest, we are your guide in this journey. Your guide in developing a hub where your customers savour every sip you serve them.

With our range of blends curated to the highest expectations of Australian consumers, and a rotation of single origins to meet every taste, Zest would love to help you build a coffee menu that demands attention and creates an immersive specialty coffee experience in your cafe.

A partnership with Zest doesn’t stop with great coffee. We would love to offer you first-class training provided by our team of Q-graders, coffee competitors and judges as well as reliable servicing and the ability to host Zest’s events in your café.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can support you on your journey in specialty coffee.





Niccolo is a Melbourne-based coffee roaster specializing in expertly roasted coffee and wholesale supply to Cafes, restaurants and offices. From our signature House Blend to an array of seasonal single-origin coffees roasted for both espresso and filter Niccolo has something to cater for everyone.

Niccolo provides the full package when it comes to wholesale supply including world-class specialty coffee, machinery, training and development, and anything in between. Our team have all come from being well-trained baristas and the knowledge and support we provide is unparalleled.