Check and Refine Your Processes For The New Normal


There is no doubt about it that the covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our day to day lives. Even more changed is the way we conduct business in our cafés, takeaways and restaurants.


As things in Australia seem to be slowly getting back to “normal” I think as business owners it is time to think outside of the square to regenerate sales and processes in our businesses.


There is no better time than now to look at and sharpen your processes and policies and even implement some new systems on “how to” in certain areas that you feel needs the extra attention. This could be as simple as a “tick off and sign” style open and close sheet that staff fill out to ensure all steps are completed during these times or a “step by step guide” on how to use the dishwasher which includes covid-19 sanitizing tips for plates and cutlery and so forth. These sorts of actions ensure the smooth and consistent running of any business.


Now is also a great time to look at the atmosphere and culture your business projects. Do you and your staff have an inviting and welcoming vibe that oozes out and “makes” your customers day? This is a great time to maybe get the gang and do 10 star jumps and maybe a repeat set (trust me it works and is a fun little before open exercise) to really get the blood flowing and motivation bubbling.


Have a look at your business from a customer’s perspective, does it present neat and tidy is it approachable, do you have a good vibe present, if not make changes (change is as good as a holiday) so they say. Music is huge and should be playing from open till close, those with digital radio “SBS Chill” or “Smooth Chill” are great otherwise something alike will change the mood of you and your staff as well as give your customers a connection with your place.