Retail and Wholesale Bakery Northern Tablelands NSW | Sales in excess of $3.7M


This business has been serving the local community since the 1980’s and is now being offered to the open market for the first time.

This is an incredible opportunity to buy into a business who has evolved with the changing needs and wants of the community as they have successfully continued to increase sales and profits year on year with sales in the last financial year exceeding $3.7M with ongoing expansion possibilities on the cards.

The purpose-built bakehouse boasts ample space for effective storage and production where no cost has been spared to ensure state of the art equipment allows for improved production processing and assists in effective time management. Automated production equipment has in turn reduced the number of skilled staff required.

The generous layout and overall space of the bakery allows the potential for the new owner to either reduce the footprint and rent the production area or increase the output by adding another baking shift as there is currently only one.

For quality control purposes and due to shear size of product output, the production process is fully managed with key staff being highly trained and most have been working in the business and alongside the owners for many years. The systems, processes and IP will all form part of the sale with a full training and handover period being offered by the current owners.

The bakery not only offers a large bakehouse, but also four retail locations throughout the community. One of the largest shopfronts is situated at the front of the bakehouse in the heart of the industrial area. This store attracts a constant flow of tradesmen and women throughout the week as well as attracting many local sporting clubs and competitors on weekends.

The three remaining outlets are also in their own ideal locations with two stores being located in the hub of town amongst many office buildings and other local businesses and becomes a hive of activity during the working week. The original and longest standing retail store is ideally situated near schools, hotels and many accommodation options which sees it attract many visitors to the area and families on their way to and from school.

This business not only offers a fantastic retail front to the local community, the bakery is also a wholesale supplier to many local businesses in the community and surrounds. The wholesale income currently accounts for 17% of annual sales which both protects the overall margins of the business and allows plenty of room to grow this side of the business should you wish to.

The town itself is home to an increasing population of over 25,000 people where it offers many educational opportunities from transition through to university. The town offers a very affordable lifestyle as it boasts the attributes of a large rural city whilst embracing the personality and lifestyle of a small country town. The perfect chance to relocate from busy mainstream cities, it is perfect for a family looking to relocate.

As the community seizes the opportunity to grow and expand, the many local infrastructure changes support this growth with one of the most significant being a major upgrade to the local airport allowing greater ease of travel.

Whilst this fully managed business can provide you with a very good income there are a lot of opportunities to increase the revenue and the net profit.


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