Business Listing Details

This is the information required for the advert copy for your business.

  • ie: what is the Local Government Area, how far from nearest major city, is it close to any major roads/motorways?
  • ie: Beachside, inner city, residential, known for great cafes and family friendly dining etc..
  • ie: main thoroughfare, shopping mall etc.
  • i.e. bi fold doors, tree lined street, al fresco style seating, period style building etc.
  • Please provide an approximate percentage.
  • i.e. local residents, tradies, tourists, local business workers, wholesale business, is it made up of passing trade, destination or both?
  • ie: are the furnishings modern, rustic, approximate size of the interior, counter space, prep area, is the kitchen well equipped, commercial etc.
  • i.e. increase opening hours, source new wholesale customers, promote to other local businesses etc.